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Our Life, Our Family & Our Future:)

In the summer of 2002, a small swarm of honeybees chose our backyard as their new home. Despite growing up as the son of a commercial beekeeper,

I had no equipment, a screaming protective wife, 2 small children and a pet.  I decided to kill the swarm with a can of Raid. With remorse from killing the colony,

I purchased the basic-necessities to manage a hive of bees then contacted the local Fire & Police Departments.

Two days later we started receiving frantic phone calls and Wessels Family Honey was born!

President, Josef Wessels

Josef Wessels

"Count Your Blessings"

Count your blessings name them one by one!

Joe has been so busy and has accomplished every challenge placed in front of him with vigor!  Josef is Global Account Manager for Quatum Clean in Hillsboro, OR. and thriving on the challenges and goals he has placed for himself!    There have been so many changes these last few years.  From Subdivision life in Hillsboro, OR to..... Forest Grove, OR farmer. Irrigation Pump, Pipes, Tractor, Clearing out all the Property, keeping his wife's lawn mower running, setting up his workshop, raising Angus cattle but most importantly we can bring our bee hives home without giving the neighbors a fright!!  At this time he is changing our business plan....Meadery, Honey, Beekeeping Supplies, Mead Vinegar & Beeswax Candles!  Josef is busy as a bee & loving it!!

Engineer, Beekeeper Joe is always moving forward!!

Count your blessings see what God has done,

2013-2014  Freshmen Nate has grown so much not just physically but mentally as well. He is 15 years old and a  Sophmore at Jesuit High School. He is doing so well in Cross Country, Robotics, Tech Theater & .....DRIVERS ED:) He is talking this moment about working for Apple some day.  He still loves the weather and playing around with all his weather stations as well as fogging up all the windows looking outside, but he has also turned into quite the little business man!!  HE has tried many things...104 chickens, hatching eggs, selling his eggs, mowing the neighbors yard, running the Bottling equipment.... but, what our little man enjoys most is helping others, playing mindcraft/civcraft & Now Civilization online with friends.  

Nathanael Wessels
Annjolina Wessels
Photo by; Danielle Cook

Count your many blessings name them one by one,

2013-2014 8th Grader Jolina has turned  into a beautiful little 13 year old not just on the outside but on the inside as well, she is in the 8th grade at Visitation School in Forest Grove, OR and is doing so well!  She has been a Team Gymnast at Flightschool Gymnastics which has taught her so much & now preparing for High School she has decided that she would like to try other sports. So volleyball, Cross Country, Softball & Track are her new challenges in life and before High School she will master them ALL:)  Jolina who has spent most of her life upside down walking on her hands instead of her feet doing flips thru the house....my stubborn precious girl has proven that whatever she puts her mind to....she can accomplish! (Within reason of course!;) She is getting crafty on Pinterest, Taking Jo Ann sewing classes & She is "THE BEST LABELER EVER!"  She is also the proud Mommy of 10 barn kitty's and all the poor little mice & birds they so proudly bring to our front porch! 


Count your many blessings see what God has done!!

I purchased a picture "Count Your Blessings" every time I look at it I start singing a song from Sunday School which I guess I am singing again for this page. For myself I am Wife of Engineer, Beekeeper Joe. Mom to Nate the chicken farmer & Jesuit Freshmen. Mom to Jolina the precious 8th Grader who makes the best chocolate chip cookies EVER!  Wessels Family Honey Managing Owner! At this time I'm really thinking & praying hard about...lots of changes:) I dream of a store/winery!  Would love to be creative again and have fun working with customers...beekeeping store, Winery/Meadery! A place to bring everything from the Hive all together!! So at this time we are praying for Gods guidance...we have had so many ups and downs & through every one of them God, Wonderful Friends & Family are there helping, holding & guiding!!
From Our Family To Yours, 
Josef, Eugenia, Nate & Jolina Wessels

Eugenia A Wessels

Wessels Family Honey, LLC  provides.... Local Raw Honey, Pure Honey, Traditional Mead, Beeswax, Candles &  Honeycomb!!

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